How to Squeeze in Self-care Activities During a Busy Week

Have you ever felt like there isn’t enough time in the week for you to squeeze in some self-care? I get it. I really do. As a mom, two daughters (6 and 8). A wife to a very busy husband. A nurse who is constantly working on furthering my education. Clean house? Umm, slacking upside-down housewife. The minutes pass by quickly, and it can be a struggle some days to find a moment to do some essential self-care. So if your asking yourself, “How do I take care of myself when busy?” let me provide you with some easy tips.

How to squeeze in self-care activities during a busy weekThe idea for this blog post came from a recent blog post on Self Care While Isolated During a Global Pandemic. Some of the feedback I received on social media was that many people struggle to fit self-care into their busy days. With that knowledge, I got some ideas on how you can bring self-care into a busy week.

How do I make time for self-care?

There are 1,440 minutes in a day. I promise you that by the end of this blog post, you will have come up with 1 or 2 ways that you can add self-care into your daily routines. Without taking too much time away from everything else. Many of my readers are women, but men, let me say, self-care is still important. Yes, I’m talking to you, my dear husband.

How should I prepare for a busy week?

Let’s face it; the tasks add up. One way to help stay organized each week is to sit down every Sunday. Take this time to prepare for your upcoming week. Write down what tasks you have to accomplish. Right now, I know we have swimming lessons twice a week. I’m working two-night shifts on the weekend. My husband is out of town on Friday. I have numerous health appointments with my doctor, including the dreaded blood work—school phone interviews for both my kids. Training day at work, the list goes on.

Book with the title: self careAfter you organize your tasks, add in a few extra things to help keep you on track. What’s your dinner menu looking like? Do you have any bills that need to be paid this week? Garbage day? Recycling day? Going to the gym? Some people like to add in some personal goals with their weekly organization.

But after all this, you should start to see some holes in your schedule that will allow you to get some self-care in. If not? Let’s not panic. I promise I have some ideas that will help!

What are some self-care activities for my busy week?

Let’s face it, we all know your week is busy. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. How on earth can I fit in time for me? I promised you I would give you some ideas to provide yourself with self-care throughout the day. Here they come!

Self-care in the Morning

In the morning, we are often up in the bathroom rummaging about. This may include a shower, putting on makeup, brushing our teeth or just scrolling social media on the toilet, rather than scrolling social media and reading everyone’s gossip (which can scientifically be proven to reduce self-esteem) put on a podcast or audiobook. You may only be in the bathroom for 10-15 minutes, but it’s a good amount of time to get some motivational insight into your day. One of my favourite audiobooks is Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life. 


Lunchtime has come, and you’re ready to sit down and chow down. Take it as a time to eat mindfully. Slow down your bites, and actually enjoy the flavours in each mouthful. Chewing your food longer actually helps aid in better digestion. Once your done eating, if time permits and the weather is nice, get outside. Even just a quick walk around the block (while listening to an audiobook) and take in the fresh air. It can help relax you and ease some of your pent-up stress from the morning. Not to mention, it helps you get vitamin D which is very important in stabilizing your moods. Before you head back to work, consider doing a couple body stretches. Check out this article “Why is Stretching at Work Important” by William Litten.

Coffee Time self-care

Coffee breaks can be a great time to pop outside for some fresh air. Pop in some headphones, and listen to your Lady relaxing on couchfavourite music. Set a timer on your watch (or phone) so you are not late getting back. It is also a good time to just sit back in a comfy chair, close your eyes, listen to some mediational short audio clips, and practice deep breathing. Lastly, a great time to enjoy some conversation with some of your co-workers, but try to keep the topic off work.


Finally, dinner time has come, and you are rushing to get the kids fed and probably out the door for sports. I know you have a million and ten thousand things going on at this moment. Ask Alexa to play some calming music or whatever kind of music will make you feel good. Use this as a time to talk with your family members about how their day was. Don’t forget to practice mindful eating. Enjoy your food. After all, you didn’t slave over a stove for nothing. Furthermore, get back to eating at the family table….. I really need to buy another chair.

Self-care in The Evening; Most Important!

The evening has come, you’re ready to go to bed. If your someone who likes to have a shower/bath. Turn down the lights, play some relaxing music. Get a nice warm, soft towel. But remember to get some great products that will help you wind down in the evening. I am a big fan of Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy & Essential Oils products. Before bed, rather than grabbing your phone and scrolling social media. Take a moment to relax without the blue screens. Lady wrapped in white towel after shower looking in mirrorWrite in a gratitude journal. Read a physical book. Take the time to communicate with your spouse and connect. Why not read bedtime stories to the children. But keep the blue bright screens away. Better yet, leave the mobile devices in the kitchen, charging.

In conclusion, there are many times that we can add self-care into our day. Mindful eating, audiobooks, podcasts, short walks, stretches, relaxing smells, and the outdoors, to name a few.  Self-care does not have to be a couple hours planned out into this amazing adventure in your bathroom. Self-care can be as simple as doing little things you love and cherish. I love a good bubble bath and often end up reading in the tub, in candlelight. My husband probably hates it as our water bill is expensive, but I need it for my sanity.

What are some of the ways you squeeze self-care into your daily routines when you don’t have time?

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9 thoughts on “How to Squeeze in Self-care Activities During a Busy Week”

  1. Such a wonderful post, and recognizable too, as self-care is much-needed but on high-stress days, we push it back, and later, need to pay our dues. Ever since I turned my life upside-down I became so much better at unwinding. The result of all these years of being busy is still coming out, but at least, now I know what I need, and I care for it. This post provided me with some new insights to try out on an off day (the bathroom audio book, for instance!). Thanks for the inspiration! Love, Susanne

  2. This hit home! Needed to be reminded what self-care looks like. I loved the downtime from screen and a real book thoughts. What a lovely post! Thank you for sharing this! will be coming back.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog post. Thanks for reading it. It’s amazing how many people have sleep disorders nowadays. I’m a firm believer in it having to do with the screens before bed.

  3. Great tips – I think we tend to “over-schedule” self-care when really it should just be our intentional effort to take care of ourselves in the everyday. I have been trying to give myself an hour before bed to just settle-in, no screen, no work. Just relaxation. So far it has been quite enjoyable!

    1. I’m pretty bad myself for over-scheduling myself. I think we are all. It’s so easy to do, and before we know it. We have a million things going on. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog post. Thanks for reading!

  4. There are some great ideas in here. I like that they’re all simple and easy to fit in. I also like:
    – Starting my day reading “The Daily Stoic” – it’s one page a day of stoic philosophy. So simple and only takes 2 minutes, but sets me up with a good mindset for the day. Of course, you could read anything short and sweet – an inspiring blog post, a poem etc.
    – I also like this really short podcast called “Before Breakfast” – that’s what I listen to in the shower. Episodes are only 5 mins.
    – I like to squeeze in a very quick workout or yoga routine. Just 10 mins and I feel so good afterwards.

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