Disclaimer Policy

As a blogger, from time to time, I get to work with other great brands. This involves trying new products and providing a thought-out review of products. I promise I will only create content for things that I am interested in and stuff that I believe will help my followers.

You’ll notice that occasionally, I’ll share links. Depending on where those links go, I may receive a few cents from your purchase (THANKS!).

If you are a brand interested in working with me, please email me for my rates.  Any comments on any posts that include links to another website (other than a personal blog) will be deleted. 

Affiliate Advertising:

As a Moka Affiliate, I earn $5.00 for every sign-up that funds their account.

As a Newborn Feather Affiliate, I earn some cents from qualifying purchases.

As a Swagbucks Affiliate, I earn Swagbucks for referrals and sign-ups.