5 Ways to Earn Money With Your Smart Phone (UPDATED)

Want to learn 5 ways to earn money with your smartphone right now? Let’s face it, it’s the 21st century. We all have a smartphone in our pockets. According to GlobalTV, the average.

Lady looking at her phone, 5 ways to earn money with your smart phoneCanadian spend about $101/month on their cell phone bill. Well, these devices are great, allowing us to connect with the outside world at every waking moment. They have the ability to do so much more. Did you know your mobile phone can earn you money? Well, keep reading, because I’m going to tell you 5 ways to earn money with your smartphone!

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1. Earn Money with Ampli

Honestly, Ampli is pretty much one of my newest favourite apps! I downloaded it on a whim because the Royal Bank of Canada (Ventures beyond banking) had an article about it on their website. I felt like it was a safe app to download with my bank promoting it. Quickly downloaded it, didn’t really understand the app. Anyways, connected my bank accounts.

Honestly, I didn’t have much faith in this app. I live in west-central Saskatchewan, with no exciting stores. Figured I’d quickly delete it. But low and behold,  Ampli searches for your purchases and rewards you with money. They work with thousands of different partners. It’s kind of like a “virtual coupon app” without the couponing. Since downloading, I have earned money from purchasing coffee, buying groceries, eating out at local restaurants, and the occasional online shopping. In conclusion, I’ve made $50.00 since I downloaded it in December.

Download Ampli today — Click Here.

UPDATE: November 2021 – Since I blogged this post, i have claimed an additional $50.  So far in a year, I’ve earned $100 CAN, just by having this app connected to my bank account.

2. Earn Money with Checkout51

I have been using Checkout51 for probably the last 5 years now. I’ve made over $500 in return from this app. It’s an excellent app to have on your phone. Checkout51 is a coupon app that shows you different available savings (over the last few years, their coupons have increased). You select which ones you would like. Go out and do your shopping. Once your home, you upload your receipt using the camera on your phone and check off the coupons you qualify for. As a result, in 24-48 hours, they will accept the money that you earned. Honestly, it’s pretty easy. There are the odd coupons that come up that are for select stores like Costco. But they have lots of options for people who shop elsewhere. They have also added online coupons and surveys for additional ways to earn.

Add it to your phone right now! — Click Here

UPDATE: November 2021 — Sadly, I have since removed the Checkout51 app from my phone. Our primary grocery store (Buy Low Foods), has their own rewards program, which when used provides emailed reciepts. Due to this, I am unable to put my reciepts into Checkout51, as they do not accept vitural recipets yet. If they update in the future, I’ll update.

3. Swagbucks LIVE/Answer

Swagbucks, my loyal trusty friend. I have bounced on and off using Swagbucks for years (they’re actually celebrating their 13th birthday this weekend). Swagbucks, in short, is a website that allows you to search, answer surveys, shop and more to earn rewards. I’ll get into more details about Swagbucks in full another day this week. But for starters, click here and make an account.

Go on to your smartphone and download the following apps, Swagbucks LIVE and Swagbucks Answer. Swagbuck LIVE is a fun little app that gives you the option to earn “Swagbucks.” It’s a LIVE Q & A. Your job is to get as many answers right as you can. If you get them right without disqualifying, you’ll get more Swagbucks back. However, you also get Swagbucks for each question you get right.  The LIVE Q & A are only certain times throughout the week, so keep your notifications on. They go fast.

Swagbucks Answer is just an app that allows you to do a short survey. Most importantly, for each survey you qualify for and finish, you are reward with Swagbucks. These Swagbucks can later be rewarded into gift cards (my favorite is PayPal, transfer it to cash, or Amazon.ca). Honestly, it’s a good way to pass the bathroom breaks. For every 500 Swagbucks you earn, that’s $5.00 in money.

Lastly, this week (Wednesday or Thursday), I’ll write another blog post about maximizing your earning potential with Swagbucks.

Update: November 2021 – I’ve got an additional $75 CAN this year utilizing Swagbucks. Looking forward to cashing it in at Christmas time, for some extra money to spend on gifts and goodies.

4. Sweatcoins

Sweatcoins isn’t going to make you rich quick, but it’s still a good app to have on your smartphone. This app wants a healthier you on a healthier planet. They achieve this by converting your steps into a currency to spend on cool products and services. Some of the things you can spend rewards on are free products (jewelry, hats, masks, etc.). Right now, different services are donating your currency to a program in a 3rd world country to help provide education and clean drinking water. I’ve myself have gotten wireless headphones from just walking. I paid $3.00 for shipping. I’ve also donated a lot of my “Currency” to other organizations to give back.

Download Sweatcoins today to earn as you walk — Click here.

UPDATE:November 2021, I’ve earned around $750 in swetcoins. I find I don’t carry my phone around with me as much. Often toss it on a counter at work. So I miss out on steps being counted. However, I have rewned my coins for bamboo straws, a water bottle, and also donated some to cancer research.

5. Store Memberships

Finally, this would seem like a given, but many of us are missing out on savings from some great apps! Where I live alone, we have a Co-Op app (for groceries), a MyNeighbouhood Rewards app (more groceries), a Tim Hortons app (free Ice Capps!) and more. Just in the last year of using My Neighbourhood Rewards at our local Buy-Low grocery store, we’ve been able to save $120 in groceries. It may not sound like a lot, but that’s half our grocery budget in a biweekly period. We’ll end up using it to purchase non-perishable items to stock up on. So take a moment and check around with the stores you shop at and find out if they have rewards programs or membership cards for your phones. Sign up, and start using them. Keep more of your money in your pocket!

Update: November 16th, 2021 – If i’m going to be frank, this is where we see the most bang for our buck. Just this year we have cleared over $200 in store rewards!

Overall Update November 2021: 

Heading in to the end of 2021, I’ve earned around $500 extra dollars between the above apps and store memberships. It’s essentially free money, that I did not have to put much effort into. So is it worth your time to have theses apps on your mobile device? YES. Who wouldn’t like a bit of extra cash at the end of the year. Maybe a little extra cash to go back to debt repayment. Start utlizing them today!

I hope some of these websites/apps will help you start saving money and keeping more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. Do you have sites/apps that I am missing? Share below! As promised, I will be doing a more in-depth blog post on how you can maximize your earning potential with Swagbucks later this week. Keep an eye out! While your here, check out last week’s blog post – 5 Common Myths about Covid-19.

Jessica <3

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