10 Eco Friendly products to Purchase to Save You Money

Let’s face it, we all have items in our homes that we purchase more often than we should. Furthermore, many items in our homes are available in eco-friendly options. Alternatively, keep more money in your pocket for family vacations. In the comments below, share some of your products you have bought as an eco-friendly alternative.

**None of the links in the blog post are affiliate links. I am sharing them as products I like myself, and I believe you may like them too.**

10 Eco-Friendly Products to Purchase

What are eco-friendly products? Eco-friendly products are made with the idea of using less water and energy to produce products. These products are also made with materials that have a low impact on the earth and are no harsh chemicals. More often than not, the products are reusable, meaning you purchase less of them. Purchasing the product less greatly reduces its carbon footprint.

The top concerns for products that aren’t eco-friendly are biodiversity, water pollution, deforestation, and air pollution. Furthermore, many eco-friendly companies donate a small portion of their earnings to charities planting trees, flowers and cleaning the ocean. It’s your money, well spent.Eco-Friendly products

I’ll be honest, I am an oil supporter. I do believe we still need a large portion of oil & gas to survive. However, I am also a firm believer that we can use alternatives to reduce our carbon footprints, and when can we? We should. While many eco-products do cost more in the beginning than alternative products. Don’t forget to consider that you won’t need to purchase that item again for awhile. Saving you big money over the years.

Eco-Friendly Household

1. Dryer Balls – Often used to replace fabric softener sheets. Fabric sheets that are not eco-friendly are full of fragrances, preservatives and colours. Alternatively, Dryer balls are simple to use, add 2-4 balls to the dryer and turn it on. If you want, you could add your favourite essential oils to them as well. Dryer balls will reduce drying time, save on electricity and preserve the lifespan of your clothing. Wool dryer balls tend to last around 500+ loads. Another alternative to using fabric softeners is adding 1/2 cup of white vinegar to your washer machine.

2. Biodegradable trash bags – If you ever go to a landfill (dump), take a look around at how many garbage bags are on site. Sadly, you will probably see hundreds. To emphasize,  It takes approximately 500 + years for a plastic bag to break down in the landfill, which they only actually turn into microplastics that absorb more toxins. Therefore, if you have the funds to purchase biodegradable trash bags, consider it. Sadly, they are often very high in price compared to the alternative.

3. Detergent – There are dozens of different eco-friendly detergents around nowadays. My favourite is True Earth. They come in a cardboard sleeve and are little paper-type sheets that break down in your washer. They’re hypoallergenic and paraben-free, also made in Canada! On the other hand, non-eco detergents can be full of chemicals. Lastly, detergent containers take a long time to decompose. Detergents with parabens cause a lot of build-up on our clothing, reducing your favourite pieces’ quality.

Environment-Friendly hygiene products

4. Toothbrush – Sadly, plastic toothbrushes are estimated to take between 500 – 1000 years to break down. Typically we replace our toothbrushes every 3 months. Therefore, the average person can use 27 toothbrushes in a lifetime. Alternatively, bamboo brushes can be used to replace plastic toothbrushes. Additionally, you can actually remove the bristles and dispose of them in the compost. A bamboo brush decomposes between a few weeks to 10 years.

5. Menstrual Cups – The average female uses around 20 tampons per cycle. Surprisingly, women will have around 450 periods in their lifetime (around 37.5 years). It’s easy to see how the money on tampons/pads can add up. Eco-friendly hygiene products Menstrual cups can last between 3-10 years. Thankfully, there are also other alternatives for menstrual underwear and even cloth pads.

6. Safety Razors – I recently just bought my husband, a safety razor for Christmas. Honestly, I wish I would have done it sooner. He shaves about weekly. Meaning, we were easily spending $30+ on razors/month (not including mine). While a good safety razor is worth the money, the blades for them are cheap. Shockingly, I purchased 100 blades on Amazon for $14. 100 blades should last for a few years, as he’s using about 1 blade a month. Don’t forget to purchase a safety box to keep the used blades in.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen products

7. Reusable Paper Towels – Honestly, I’m not even sure why I buy paper towels. There really isn’t anything in a house that you can’t clean up with fabric cloth. However, if you choose to go the paper route, you can purchase some greener alternatives, like Caboo Bamboo paper towel, which is 100% tree-free.

8. Reusable food wrap – How many things in your fridge right now are in plastic bags that you’re going to toss in the garbage? How many items are covered with saran wrap? Nonetheless, there are some great alternatives out there now to replace these plastics that break down really slow or just turn into microplastics. Check out the bees wrap reusable food coverings!

9.  Reusable snack bags – I’ll be honest, I am the WORST at putting my kid’s snacks/lunches in plastic bags that Bamboo eco friendly productsend up in the garbage. Lastly, this is an investment that I myself need to make and promise myself to use. Do you use reusable snack bags? Bags for your produce? If so, what brands?

10. Reusable shopping bags – More and more stores worldwide are charging for plastic bags between $0.01 – 0.25/bag, from what I can find online, or no longer supplying plastic bags—for example, my husband and I, where we shop, charge about $0.05 a bag. We tend to get 10 bags each grocery run. That’s $13/year. Obviously, it adds up after a while, and that’s not including random trips. My biggest pet peeve with reusable shopping bags remembers to bring them when we go. Honestly, they’re better than that 500+ year decomposing it takes only to turn into microplastics that are leaching harsh toxins into our soil.


In conclusion, there are many great alternatives to eco-friendly products, reusable bags, detergents, shaving products, hygiene products. Almost everything we use in life today has a greener alternative. Some of these products do cost a little more money to purchase. But many of them over time can save you some decent money. How many do you use in your home? Will you be adding in more? Share in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “10 Eco Friendly products to Purchase to Save You Money”

  1. I love this list of eco-friendly alternatives! I really need to get a bamboo toothbrush now; thank you for sharing a link to your favorite option. One thing I have been doing during the pandemic to reduce my carbon footprint is using only cloth face masks. I avoid disposable masks, and it makes me sad to see them in trash cans and even lying on the ground everywhere. I want to fight the pandemic with eco-friendly products!

  2. This is helpful! I’m good about reusable shopping bags, but not reusable snack bags or food wrapping. I had also never heard of dryer balls! Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is a great roundup! You touched on all of the bases for the easiest switches to make your house more eco-friendly. I was so excited to read that you use the laundry detergent that comes in the strips!! My mama starting using them and we’re obsessed and will never use the plastic bottles again! Also, for the reusable plastic bags – I love Stasher. They work really well for all kinds of uses and can even go in the freezer and dishwasher I believe!

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